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Training and experience

Anja Brasser has a Masters degree in Andragology, with a specialisation in working with groups (University of Amsterdam, 1987). Since 1989, she has been self-employed with coaching and training. She has followed an education at the Dutch Bert Hellinger Instituut and has become very inspired and impressed by the possibilities offered by this work.

Constellationwork(from Bert Hellinger) with family-items, relationships- and life-questions.  

When you do a constellation you can p.e. have a question about relationships. An exemple could be you have a strong desire to have a relation but didn't succeed to have one. Or you met allways the same type of partner who did not make you happy.  

Before we start a constellation you need to have a clear question or problem. When yo have a problem what's your question about it?   

To work with constellations it's important to have or ask some information at  your relatives, when they are still alife, before you go to a seminar.

Important issues are:

1.      Is there a sudden death or a cruel death in your  family of origin? Also grandparents are important.  

2.      Has  someone died on an early age? Deaths by birth are important, and also miscarridges and  abortus.  

3.      What happened in the war or in polititical situations (only facts are in this method important, no feelings about it)?  

4.      Is there been a divorce?

5.      Have your parents or grandparents childern with other partners. Also about your own partner?

6.      Are there secrets in the family or items people don't talk about?

The more work (about the questions) you do before the constellation the better it works in the constellation. Sometimes secrets need time to be cleared up. It's important to have respect for this and not to force it.

It's soulwork, so it's important not to analyse it afterwards, or to think or speak about it to others. The soul speaks another language and need  time to heal.

How it works:We  work wih the system of precent or family of origin. We can also work with the system of your own personality.

When you have a clear question(we discuss this) we set up a constellation with the different subjects of your question, in the room we are in.  So you ask, with respect, people out of  the group (when you have a family question) to be your mother, yor father, your little brother (when you have), your older brother,  and yourself.  While touching them you give them a place in the room. It's important  as a representive not to analize but to feel and experience what's there inside of you.  It's also important to which or whom, you as a representant, are looking at and not to change it.  Then I, as he trainer, I come in and ask the different people what they experience and feel at that place and what they experience of the others around.

Then I can give suggestions for freeing sentances f or the representives.  I can also ask them to change the places they are standing at.

The constellation is in the middle of he group. The group don't interfere or disturb.

Constellation work is about the healing and restoring of love and natural harmony when it's the time for it.